1 Esdras 7

1 ThenSisinnes the governor of Coelesyria and Phoenicia, and Sathrabuzanes, with their companions, following the commandments of king Darius, 2 did very carefully oversee the holy works, assisting the elders of the Jews and rulers of the temple. 3 And so the holy works prospered, while Aggaeus and Zacharias the prophets prophesied. 4 And they […]

1 Maccabees 13

1 And Simon heard that Tryphon had gathered together a mighty host to come into the land of Judah, and destroy it utterly. 2 And he saw that the people trembled and was in great fear; and he went up to Jerusalem, and gathered the people together; 3 and he encouraged them, and said to […]

1 Maccabees 14

1 And inthe hundred and seventy and second year king Demetrius gathered his forces together, and went into Media, to get him help, that he might fight against Tryphon. 2 And Arsaces, the king of Persia and Media, heard that Demetrius was come into his borders, and he sent one of his princes to take […]

James 2

1 My brothers, don’t hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ of glory with partiality. 2 For if a man with a gold ring, in fine clothing, comes into your synagogue,and a poor man in filthy clothing also comes in; 3 and you pay special attention to him who wears the fine clothing, and […]