Sirach 1

1 All wisdomcomesfrom the Lord, And is with him forever. 2 The sand of the seas, and the drops of rain, And the days of eternity, who shall count? 3 The height of the heaven, and the breadth of the earth, And the deep, and wisdom, who shall searchthemout? 4 Wisdom has been created before […]

Sirach 2

1 My son, if you come to serve the Lord, Prepare your soul for temptation. 2 Set your heart aright, and constantly endure, And make not haste in time of calamity. 3 Cleave to him, and depart not, That you may be increased at your latter end. 4 Accept whatever is brought upon you, And […]

Sirach 3

1 Hear me your father, O my children, And do thereafter, that you⌃ may be saved. 2 For the Lord has given the father glory as touching the children, And has confirmed the judgement of the mother as touching the sons. 3 He that honors his father shall make atonement for sins: 4 And he […]

Sirach 4

1 My son, deprive not the poor of his living, And make not the needy eyes to wait long. 2 Make not a hungry soul sorrowful; Neither provoke a man in his distress. 3 To a heart that is provoked add not more trouble; And defer not to give to him that is in need. […]

Sirach 5

1 Set not your heart upon your goods; And say not, They are sufficient for me. 2 Follow not your own mind and your strength, To walk in the desires of your heart; 3 And say not, Who shall have dominion over me? For the Lord will surely take vengeance on you. 4 Say not, […]

Sirach 6

1 And instead of a friend become not an enemy; For an evil name shall inherit shame and reproach: Even so shall the sinner that has a double tongue. 2 Exalt not yourself in the counsel of your soul; That your soul be not torn in pieces as a bull: 3 You shall eat up […]

Sirach 7

1 Do no evil, so shall no evil overtake you. 2 Depart from wrong, and it shall turn aside from you. 3 My son, sow not upon the furrows of unrighteousness, And you shall not reap them sevenfold. 4 Seek not of the Lord preeminence, Neither of the king the seat of honor. 5 Justify […]

Sirach 8

1 Contend not with a mighty man, Lest haply you fall into his hands. 2 Strive not with a rich man, lest haply he overweigh you: For gold has destroyed many, And turned aside the hearts of kings. 3 Contend not with a man that is full of tongue, And heap not wood upon his […]

Sirach 9

1 Be not jealous over the wife of your bosom, And teach her not an evil lesson against yourself. 2 Give not your soul to a woman, That she should set her foot upon your strength. 3 Go not to meet a woman that playeth the harlot, Lest haply you fall into her snares. 4 […]